Supporting Literature(Topography)

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  • Designing ELements, Topography, School, Classroom, Environment, Community.

Inspiring Minds: Creating Community in the Classroom is studied by Vacha, J. A. (2006).

  • Topography, Planning, Student, Education.

Towards Effective Early Childhood Education Plant Planning is studied by Dibugonwanyi, A. J. (2014).

  • Topography, Environment, Physical well-being, Learning spaces.

Architecture for the Imagination: A Study of an Elementary Educational Environment" Studied by Henderson, J. M. (1999).

  • Lighting Fixture Block, School Facility Design, Building Features, Student Performance.

Building Features in Schools that Influence Academic Performance studied by Salary, S., Holliday, L., Keesee, M., and Wachter, H. P. (2017) ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). submitted for publication.