Supporting Literature (LFB)

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  • Lighting Fixtures, Blinds, Glare spots, Uncomfortability for Students.

Lighting and discomfort in the classroom is studied by Winterbottom, M., Wilkins, A.(2009).

  • Adjustable Lighting Control, Blind, Daylight, Direct/ Indirect Lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures.

Classrooms: National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities is Studied by Butin, D. (2000).

  • Sading, Adjustable Blinds, High- Efficient Electric Lighting, Lighting Fixtures, Daylight.

Designing the sustainable school is studied by Ford, A. (2007).


  • Lighting Blocking Elements, Blinds, Curtains.

The influence of school architecture on academic achievement is studied by Tanner, C.(2000).

  • Lighting Fixture Block, School Facility Design, Building Features, Student Performance.

Building Features in Schools that Influence Academic Performance is studied by Salary, S., Holliday, L., Keesee, M., and Wachter, H. P. (2017) ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) submitted for publication.