Supporting Literature (MP)

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  • Movable partition, Classroom, Soundproof partitions, Rigidly constructed partitions.

Sliding panel partition is studied by Glaser, J.W. (1966) in his grant published on 1966.

  • Movable partition, Classrooms, Students freedom, Multi-purpose rooms.

Schools For Team Teaching. Profiles of Significant Schools studied by Clinchy, E. (1961).

  • Interior design, Movable partition, Acoustic, Classroom, School building.

Acoustical Environment of School Buildings studied by Fitzroy, D., Reid, JL. (1963).

  • Movable walls.

High School: The Process and the Place. A Report is studied by Propst, R.(1972).

  • Movable furniture, Partitioned space, Acoustic, Classroom.

Noise and Sound Control in Open Plan Schools is studied by Schellenberg, B. (1975).

  • Movable walls, School library, Group study.

Designing a school library media center for the future is studied by Erikson, R., Markuson, C. (2007).

  • Multipurpose classrooms, Movable partition

Reimaining the Classroom: Opportunities to Link Recent Advances in Pedagogy to Physical Settings is studied by De Gregori, A (2011)

  • Space arrangement, Academic performance.

The Impact of Classroom Design on Pupils' Learning: Final Results of a Holistic, Multi-level Analysis is studied by Barrett, P., Davies, F., Zhang, Y., & Barrett, L. (2015).

  • School infrastructure, Flexible space, Student behavior.

Building Better Outcomes: The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Outcomes and Behaviour is studied by Fisher, K. (2001).