Supporting Literature (PSS)

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  • Crowding, personal space, privacy, environment, and behavior.

Psychological Demands of the Built Environment, Privacy, Personal Space and Territory in Architecture is studied by Namazian, P. A., & Mehdipour, A. (2013).

  • Personal space and its impacts on student development and performance.

The Development of Personal Space: Proxemic Behavior of Children 6 through 16 is studied by Aiello, J. R., De Carlo Aiello, T. (1974).

  • Social Space, Community activity, Education.

Best Practices: Building Blocks for Enhancing School Environment is studied by Blum, R. (2007).

  • Enough space for large group meeting places.

Explaining relationships among student outcomes and the school's physical environment is studied by Tanner, C. K. (2008).

  • Personal space, Students' achievements.

Building schools, rethinking quality? Early lessons from Los Angeles is studied by Fuller, B., Dauter, L., Hosek, A., Kirschenbaum, G., McKoy, D., Rigby, J., & Vincent, J. M. (2009).