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  • Energy Usage, Sustainability, Energy Consumption.

[ The Energy Savings and Emission Reduction Benefits Delivered by Johnson Controls and Its Customers In the State of Wisconsin is studied by Olson, S. L., Arny, M. (2001).]

  • Lighting, Green school facilities, Sustainability, building construction, Environment.

Green schools: Constructing and renovating school facilities with the concept of sustainability is studied by Oetinger, J. W. (2010).

  • Lighting, Energy Consumption, Sustainable school building, high-efficient electric lighting.

Designing the sustainable school is studied by Ford, A. (2007).


  • Lighting as a sustainable building tool, artificial lighting, daylight, sustainable buildings.

Energy Performance of Building is studied by Boemi, S. N., Irulegi, O., Santamouris, M. (2016).

Daylight, Energy Saving, Schools, Sustainability is studied by Abdelatia, B., Marenne, C., Semidor, C. (2010).

  • Lighting System, LED, Energy SAving, School Buildings.

A Method to Estimate Savings of LED Lighting Installation in Public Buildings: The Case Study of Secondary Schools in Serbia is studied by Josijevic, M. M., Gordic, D. R., Milovanovic, D. M., Jurisevic, N. M., Rakic, N. Z. (2017).

  • Daylight, Optimizing Natural Light, Building Energy Performance.

Student Performance in Daylit Schools: Analysis of the Performance of Students in Daylit Schools is studied by Nicklas, M.H., Bailey, G. B. (1996).

  • Lighting, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Type of Lighting, LED.

Sustainability Constraints in Techno-Economic Analysis of General Lighting Retrofits is studied by Vahl, F.P; Campos, L. M. S., Filho, N. C. (2013).

  • Daylight, Solar Heat, Building Energy Saving, Reduction in Electric Lighting.

Daylighting and its implications to overall thermal transfer value (OTTV) determinations is studied by Li, D. H. W., Lam, J. C., Wong, S. L. (2002).

  • Lighting Conservation, Energy Conservation, School Construction, Sustainable Development, Healthy Learning Environment.

Lighting Demands in Green Schools is studied by Danis, J., Thurnquist, A. (2011).