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Windows/ Dimension of Windows is depicted in the project section below and reviewed in the project review below.

Review of Best Practices Related Items

“The basic sidelighting pattern provides windows on one or more walls of the space. The depth of daylighting penetration from vertical windows is largely dependent on the height of the window head (that is, the top of the window). For a simple sidelighting scheme, a rough rule of thumb is that useable daylight will be available about 1.5 times the window head height. So for good daylight delivery, sidelighting windows should be located as high as possible in the wall. However, to provide exterior view, windows need to be at eye level. Since these requirements clearly conflict, advanced daylighting designs differentiate between the functions of view and task daylighting, frequently providing separate windows for each of these.”

United States Department of Energy. (2002). "National Best Practices Manual For Building High Performance Schools, P.73


Photographs provided by FSB (Frankfurt Short Bruza)

Ignacio Ignacio-Win-17.jpg Dubiski Dubiski.Win-46.jpg Mapleton Mapleton-Win-77.jpg