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Type and source of light/ orientation of windows is depicted in the project section below and reviewed in the project review below.

Review of Best Practices Related Items

“It is easiest to provide excellent daylight conditions using north-facing windows since the sun only strikes a north-facing window in the early morning and late evening during midsummer. South-facing windows are the next best option because the high angle of the south sun can be easily shaded with a horizontal overhang. East- and west- facing windows are more problematic because when the sun is low in the sky, overhangs or other fixed shading devices are of limited utility. Any window orientation more than 15o off of true north or south requires careful assessment to avoid unwanted sun penetration.”

United States Department of Energy. (2002). "National Best Practices Manual For Building High Performance Schools, P.68


Photographs provided by FSB (Frankfurt Short Bruza)

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