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  • Lighting blocking element, Blinds, Curtains, Fluorescent, Geometric orientation of the building.

The influence of school architecture on academic achievement is studied by Tanner, C.K. (2000).

  • Learning rate of students as influenced by classroom space.

A holistic, multi-level analysis identifying the impact of classroom design on pupils’ learning is studied by Peter, B. et al. (2013).

  • Classroom lighting and students performance.

Effects of school design on student outcomes" studied by Tanner, C.K. (2009).

  • Impact of natural light on students performance.

The Influence of School Environment on the SBS Symptoms and the Development of Asthma and Allergy" studied by Takaoka, M; Norback, D. (2011).

  • Building design.

Guidelines for School Facilities In Virginia’s Public Schools is studied by Virginia Department of Educaiton. (2013).

  • The influence of school design on students performance.

The Effect of School Design on Students Performance is studied by Ariani, M.G; Mirdad, F. (2016).

  • Building design features and students performance.

Building Better Outcomes: The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Outcomes and Behaviour. Schooling Issues Digest is studied by Kenn, F. (2001).

  • Thermal comfort, Energy efficiency, Daylight, Window orientation, Window size.

A review of the development of daylighting in schools is studied by Wu, W., Ng, E. (2003).

  • Air quality, Thermal comfort, Energy efficiency, Window orientation, Operable window, Window area, Glazing type, External walls, Thermal resistance, Roof thermal resistance.

Improving energy performance of school buildings while ensuring indoor air quality ventilation is studied by Becker, R., Goldberger, I., & Paciuk, M. (2007).

  • Window dimension, Window orientation, Shadings, IAQ, Thermal comfort.

Assessment of indoor air quality and thermal comfort in Portuguese secondary classrooms: Methodology and results is studied by Pereira, L. D., Raimondo, D., Corgnati, S. P., & da Silva, M. G. (2014).