Supporting Literature (A.F/SR)

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  • Noise control and building performance.

Building envelope design with the objective to ensure thermal, visual and acoustic comfort conditions is studied by Oral, G.K; Yene, A.K; Bayazit, N. T. (2004).

  • Effects of school facilities (acoustic) on instruction delivery and learning.

Relationship between school facility conditions and the delivery of instruction: Evidence from a national survey of school principals is studied by Duyar, I. (2010).

  • School facility design, acoustic, student performance.

School Facility Conditions and Student Academic Achievement is studied by Earthman, G. I. (2002).

  • Acoustic, Classroom, Student behavior.

Facilities is studied by McGuffey, C. W. (1982).

  • Building performance, Workplace design, and comfort.

Occupant comfort and engagement in green buildings: Examining the effects of knowledge, feedback and workplace culture is studied by Brown, Z. B. (2009).

  • Indoor air quality, School facility and students achievement.

The walls speak: the interplay of quality facilities, school climate, and student achievement is studied by Uline, C., Tschannen‐Moran, M. (2008).

  • The effect of acoustic on students academic performance.

Research into the connection between built learning spaces and student outcomes Literature review is studied by Blackmore, J. et al (2011).

  • Acoustic condition, School buildings, Standards, Noise level, Reverberation.

Guidelines on acoustic treatments for school buildings proposed by the Architectural Institute of Japan is studied by Fukuchi, T., & Ueno, K. (2004).

  • The impact of classroom design and physical features.

The impact of classroom design on pupils' learning: Final results of a holistic, multi-level analysis is studied by Barrett, P. et al. (2015).

  • Noise and its impact on students learning and performance.

Prioritization of 31 criteria for school building adequacy is studied by Earthman, G. I. (2004).