Supporting Literature (ADA)

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  • Accessibility, School building.

Rural Schools Facilities: Additions & Renovations As an Integrated Sequence is studied by Swedberg, D. (1998).

  • ADA, Accessibility, Students.

ADA Q&A... the ADA, section 504 & postsecondary education is studied by Leuchovius, D. (2003).

  • ADA, Checklist, Civil right legislation, Compliance legal, Educational opportunities, Elementary secondary education, Parent right, School personnel, Student right.

The Educator's Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act is studied by Morrissey, P. A. (1993).

  • ADA, Public schools, Students, Current circumstances.

ADA in the Public School Setting: Practitioners' Reflections is studied by Rea, P. J., & Davis-Dorsey, J. (2004).