Supporting Literature (ASO)

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  • Noise Level, Student Outcome.

Prioritization of 31 criteria for school building adequacy is studied by Earthman, G. I. (2004).

  • Indoor environmental quality (IEQ), Acoustic, Thermal comfort, Student performance.

Do indoor pollutants and thermal conditions in schools influence student performance? A critical review of the literature is studied by Mendell, M. J., Heath, G. A. (2005).

  • School facility design, Acoustic, Student performance.

School Facility Conditions and Student Academic Achievement is studied by Earthman, G. I. (2002).

  • Acoustic, classroom, student behavior.

Facilities, Chapter 10, Herbert Walberg (ed.) Improving educational standards and productivity is studied by McGuffey, Carroll W. (1982).

  • Acoustic, Classroom, Student performance.

The effects of noise: A summary of experimental literature is studied by Laird, D. A. (1930).

  • Noise, Uncontrollable noise, Healthiness.

Physiological, motivational, and cognitive effects of aircraft noise on children: moving from the laboratory to the field is studied by Cohen, S., Evans, G. W., Krantz, D. S., Stokos, D. (1980).

  • Noise, Linguistic noise, Children performance.

Effects of classroom noise on performance and activity of second-grade hyperactive and control children is studied by Zentall, S. S., Shaw, J. H., (1980).

  • Built learning environment, noise, student outcomes

Research into the connection between built learning spaces and student outcomes is studied by Blackmore, J., et al. (2011)

  • Noise, Background noise, Children performance, Healthiness.

Aircraft noise and children: Longitudinal and cross-sectional evidence on adaptation to noise and the effectiveness of noise abatement is studied by Cohen, S., Krants, D. S., Evans, G. W., Stokols, D., Kelly, S. (1981).

  • Noise level, Background noise, Jet aircraft, Student achievement an attitude, Classroom environment.

The effect of jet aircraft noise on student achievement and attitude toward classroom environment is studied by Hyatt, C.L (1982).

  • Noise level, Schools, Student behavior and performance.

Classroom and their users: A conceptual Mapping of Research on the Physical Environment of Schools ( school environment). unpublished doctoral thesis is studied by Duffy, P. M. (1992).

  • Noise level, Background noise, Schools, Student performance.

Effects of noise on academic achievement and classroom behavior (Report Unknown Binding). Report No. FHWA/CA/DOHS-81/01. State of California is studied by Lukas, J.S (1981).

  • Background noise, Train, Student test scores, Reading.

The effect of elevated train noise on reading ability is studied by Bronzaft, A. L., McCarthy, D. P. (1975).

  • Background noise, Student scores, Noisy side of a school building.

The effect of a noise abatement program on reading ability is studied by Bronzaft, A.L (1981).