Supporting Literature (DC)

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  • Control of sound and the link between sound and visual.

Control of the Acoustical and Visual Concepts in Education is studied by Schafroth, T. R. (1977).

  • School facility, Students achievement, Indoor air quality, School facility.

The Walls Speak: The Interplay of Quality Facilities, School Climate, and Student Achievement is studied by Cynthia, U., Megan, T. (2008).

  • Acoustic environment, School, Home, Children perception, Children learning and motivation, Age of students.

Children's perceptions of their acoustic environment at school and at home is studied by Dockrell, J. E. (2004).

  • Impact of classroom size on students academic performance.

A Spatial Distance Explanation of the Relationship between Class Size and Achievement is studied by Archwamety, T. (2000).