Supporting Literature (Landscaping)

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  • Physical environment, Landscaping, Human health, Well-being.

Growing Physical, Social and Cognitive Capacity: Engaging with Natural Environments is studied by Johnson, P. (2007).

  • Built learning environment, Landscape.

Research into the connection between built learning spaces and student outcomes is studied by Blackmore, J., et al. (2011).

  • School infrastructures, Cosmetic factors, Landscape, Student outcomes.

Building Better Outcomes: The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Outcomes and Behaviour. Schooling Issues Digest is studied by Fisher, K. (2001).

  • Landscaping, Paving, Student Success, Access infrastructure funding.

The Forgotten Side of School Finance Equity: The Role of Infrastructure Funding in Student Success is studied by Crampton, F. E., Thompson, D. C., & Vesely, R. S. (2004).