Supporting Literature (QL)

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  • Natural Light.

Prioritization of 31 criteria for school building adequacy is studied by Earthman, G.I. (2004).

  • Day Light.

Analysis of the Performance of Students in Daylit Schools is studied by Nicklas, M. H; Bailey, G.B. (1996).

  • Light level, Classroom, Student achievement.

Light up Their Lives: A Review of Research on the Effects of Lighting on Children's Achievement and Behavior is studied by Dunn, R. et al. (1985).

  • lighting, designing, quality lighting environment, sustainability.

Fundamentals of Lighting. 3rd Edition is studied by Winchip, S.M. (2017).

  • Lighting standards, Healthy schools, Lighting level, Various tasks, School types.

Key considerations when specifying light quality for classroom lighting is studied by Salary, S. et al. (2017).