Supporting Literature (S.SL)

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  • Shading, Adjustable blinds, High-efficiency electric lighting, lighting fixtures, Daylight.

Sustainable Design is studied by Ford, A (2007).

  • Natural daylight, Energy saving, Schools, Sustainability.

Daylighting strategy for sustainable schools: case study of prototype classrooms in Libya is studied by Abdelatia, B., Marenne, C., & Semidor, C. (2010).

  • Light, Sustainable school building, Daylighting, Artificial lighting.

Green schools: Constructing and renovating school facilities with the concept of sustainability is studied by Oetinger, J. W. (2010).

  • Sustainable buildings, Energy performance, Lighting as a sustainable building tool, Artificial light, Luminaries, Daylight, Lighting design.

Energy Performance of Buildings is studied by Boemi, S. N., Irulegi, O., & Santamouris, M. (2016).

  • Lighting, Sustainability, Energy efficiency, Type of lighting , LED.

Sustainability constraints in techno-economic analysis of general lighting retrofits is studied by Vahl, F. P., Campos, L. M., & Casarotto Filho, N. (2013).