Supporting Literature (SPWB)

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  • Student performance, Well-Being, Daylight.

Daylighting in Schools: Improving Student Performance and Health at a Price Schools Can Afford is studies by Plympton, P., Conway, S., Epstein, K. (2000).

  • Student performance, Well-Being, Behavior, Lighting/ Color, Student Learning.

Color and Light Effects on Learning is studied by Grangaard E. M. (1995).

  • Student performance, Well-Being, Lighting.

Student Performance in Daylit Schools: Analysis of the Performance of Students in Daylit Schools is studied by Nicklas, M.H.and Bailey, G.B. (1996).

  • Student/Teachers Well-Being, Daylight.

Designing the sustainable school is studied by Ford, A. (2007).


  • Student Performance, Well-Being, Attendance, Lighting Fixture.

Effects of School Lighting on Physical Development and School Performance is studied by Hathaway, W. E. (1995).

  • Human Behavior, Daylight.

Daylighting in Schools: An Investigation into the Relationship between Daylighting and Human Performance is studied by Heschong, L. (1999).

  • Comparison of Students Achievement between Movement and Circulation, Daylighting, and Views.

Effects of school design on student outcomes is studied by Tanner, C. K. (2009).

  • Improvement in Vision, Perception, and Cognitive Performance with Full-spectrum Fluorescent Lighting.

A critical examination of perceptual and cognitive effects attributed to full-spectrum fluorescent lighting is studied by Veitch J. A. McColl, S. L. (2001).

  • Optimizing the use of Natural Light through Windows. The Sizes and Placement of Windows and Doors.

The Impact of Classroom Design on Pupils' Learning: Final Results of a Holistic, Multi-level Analysis is studied by Barrett, P., Davies, F., Zhang, Y., & Barrett, L. (2015).

  • Building Performance, Workplace Design, and Comfort.

Occupant Comfort and Engagement in Green Buildings: Examining the Effects of Knowledge, Feedback and Workplace Culture is studied by Brown, Z. B. (2009).

  • Energy Savings, Daylighting and Lighting Control.

Adding advanced behavioral models in whole building energy simulation: A study on the total energy impact of manual and automated lighting control is studied by Bourgeois, D., Reinhart, C., Macdonald, I. (2006).

  • The Influence of School Design on Students Performance.

The Effect of School Design on Student Performance is studied by Ariani, M. G., & Mirdad, F. (2015).

  • Building Design Features and Students Performance.

Building Better Outcomes: The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Outcomes and Behaviour. Schooling Issues Digest is studied by Fisher, K. (2001).

  • Impact of Natural Light on Students Performance.

The Influence of School Environment on the SBS Symptoms and the Development of Asthma and Allergy: Sick Building Syndrome in Public Buildings and Workplaces is studied by Takaoka, M., Norbäck, D. (2011).

  • Built learning environment, Lighting, student outcomes

Research into the connection between built learning spaces and student outcomes is studied by Blackmore, J., et al. (2011).