Supporting Literature (VD)

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  • School zones, Transportation, Safety, Driveways, Arrival and dismissal periods.

School Zone Safety and Operational Problems at Existing Elementary Schools is studied by Isebrands, H. N., & Hallmark, S. L. (2007).

  • School safety, Drop-off, Pick-up, Congestion, Safe entry, Design guides, School bus, Site plan.

Traffic Operations and Safety at Schools: Recommended Guidelines is studied by Cooner, S. A., Fitzpatrick, K., Wooldridge, M., & Ford, G. (2003).

  • Pedestrian, Safety, Crash, Schools, Children, Built environment.

An examination of the environmental attributes associated with pedestrian-vehicular crashes near public schools is studied by Clifton, K., and Kreamer-Fults, K. (2007).