Supporting Literature (VN)

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  • Nature, Landscape, School, Students.

Student performance and high school landscapes: Examining the links is studied by Matsuoka, R. H. (2010).

Effects of school design on student outcomes is studied by Tanner, C. K. (2009).

The effect of school design on student performance is studied by Ariani, M. G., & Mirdad, F. (2015).

Explaining relationships among student outcomes and the school's physical environment is studied by Tanner, C. K. (2008).

A room with a view: A review of the effects of windows on work and well-being is studied by arley, K. M., & Veitch, J. A. (2001).

  • Classroom Window, Outside view.

Impact of nature window view on high school students stress recovery is studied by Chen, C. (2015).

  • Aesthetics, View of nature, Learning motivation.

A Case for Schoolhouse Aesthetics is studied by Tanner, C. K. (2013).