Supportive Literature (FD)

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  • Crime control, Furniture design.

Architecture as Crime Control is studied by Katyal, N.K (2002).

  • Placement and size of windows and doors.

The Impact of Classroom Design on Pupils' Learning: Final Results of a Holistic, Multi-level Analysis is studied by Barrett, P., Davies, F., Zhang, Y., & Barrett, L. (2015).

  • Equipment, Furniture, Students' achievements.

Building schools, rethinking quality? Early lessons from Los Angeles is studied by Fuller, B., Dauter, L., Hosek, A., Kirschenbaum, G., McKoy, D., Rigby, J., & Vincent, J. M. (2009).

  • School infrastructures, Cosmetic factors, Furniture, Student outcomes.

Building Better Outcomes: The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Outcomes and Behaviour. Schooling Issues Digest is studied by Fisher, K. (2001).