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  • Fluorescent light with white color/ full-spectrum Duro-test Vita-lite light with blue walls.

Daylighting in Schools: Improving Student Performance and Health at a Price Schools Can Afford is studied by Plympton P; Conway S; Epstein K. (2000).

  • Fluorescent Lighting/ Student Behavior.

Light, Radiation, and Academic Behavior" studied by Mayron, L.W. et al. (1974).

  • Lighting Fixtures, Student on task behavior.

Examining Student Behavior under Two Correlated Color Temperature Levels of Lighting in an Elementary School Classroom is Studied by Pulay, A. et al. (2016).

  • Natural lighting, direct/indirect lighting, Energy efficient lighting fixture, adjustable lighting control, blind.

Classrooms: National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities is studied by Butin, D. (2000).

  • Sustainable school buildings, Energy consumption, Shading, Adjustable blinds, High-efficiency electric lighting, Lighting fixtures, Daylight.

Designing the sustainable school is studied by Ford, A. (2007).

  • Lighting blocking element, Blinds, Curtains, Fluorescent, Geometric orientation of the building.

The influence of school architecture on academic achievement is studied by Tanner, C.K. (2000).

  • Artificial Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, Day Light.

Do School Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes? is studied by Schneider, M. (2002).

  • Effect of artificial nighttime light.

A case-referent study: light at night and breast cancer risk in Georgia is studied by Bauer, S.E. et al. (2013).

  • Lighting fixture, Student well-being, attendance, and performance.

Effects of School Lighting on Physical Development and School Performance is studied by Hathaway, W.E. (1995).

  • Lighting and discomfort in classrooms.

Lighting and discomfort in the classroom is studied by Winterbottom, M; Wilkins, A. (2009).

  • LED lighting, Lighting efficiency, Lighting design.

Analysis and simulation of an automated LED lighting system for pedestrian crosswalk is studied by Ileana, I. et al. (2015).

  • Lighting, Sustainability, Energy efficiency, Type of lighting, LED.

Sustainability constraints in techno-economic analysis of general lighting retrofits is studied by Vahl, F.P; Campos, L.M.S; Filho, N.C, (2013).

  • Lighting system, LED, Energy saving, School buildings.

A Method to Estimate Savings of LED Lighting Installation in Public Buildings: The Case Study of Secondary Schools in Serbia is studied by Josijevic, M. M. et al. (2017).